Shangai International Traditional Medicine
& Health Products Exhibition  2004

November 2nd-4th

Shangaï Exhibition Center      ( Yan An Road (M), Shangaï, China)

Organizer:       Shangaï University of Traditional Medicine
                         International Trade Promotion Co., Ltd.
                         GREENHEALTH, Plants and Health, France

Supporter:       State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, P.R. China
                        Shangaï Municipal Foreign Economic relations and Trade Commission
                        Shangaï Municipal Bureau of Public Health
                        World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
                        Shangaï Food and Drug Administration Bureau

Sponsor:         Shangaï Traditional Chinese Medicine Trade Association
                        Shangaï Association of Chinese Medicine

Market background:
With the rapid development of economic globalization and of integration of science and technology in the economy, more and more international communities have accepted the traditional medicine.
The development of traditional medicine has stepped into a new image. It has shown three tendencies in the progress of science and technology of traditional medicine. Modern pharmaceutical technology is widely used in the herbal products ; standardization is the focus in the research ; multiple disciplines are integrated to explain the theory of traditional medicine.
Over 70 countries have established the law or regulations for herbal medicine. Over 120 countries or regions have various organizations or institutions for traditional medicine. With the growing need of herbal medicine, the world herbal market is expanding every year. According to the statistic, total annual sales volume of herbal products is over 16 billion US dollars around the world. The market is still rising by 10-20 % every year. Besides the active need of herbal products in Southeast Asia, the markets in North America and Western Europe are also promising. The market o traditional medicine in Africa and Arabic countries are spreading too.

Government support:
Chinese government has put the herbal industry under the catalogue of key national strategic industries. It will become modern herbal industry with competitive advantage in the market. Chinese government has issued first programmatic document for the development of Chinese herbs-Framework of Modernized Development of Chinese medicine.
In order to giving scope to the research achievements of the traditional Chinese medicine, to propel the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, and to promote the exportation of diagnostic technology and equipment of traditional Chinese medicine, Shangaï University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and International Trade Promotion Co, Ltd. will jointly hold “Shangaï International Traditional Medicine and Health Products Exhibition 2004” at Shangaï Exhibition Center on November 2nd-4th, 2004. The exhibition is supported by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, P.R. China and Shangaï Municipal Bureau of Public Health, sponsored by Shangaï Association of Chinese Medicine, Shangaï Traditional Chinese medicine Trade Association and other organizations.

Main features:

  1. Trade of herbal and health products
  2. Cooperation and investment within the industry
  3. Transfer of technology and patent on traditional medicine
  4. International training course of traditional Chinese medicine in universities and colleges
  5. Forum and seminar on development of traditional Chinese medicine

Exhibit scope:

  1. Manufacturer and products
    Raw herbal material, patented herbal products, herbal slices, intermediate products and additives, natural health products
  1. Equipment and instruments
    Manufacturing equipments, diagnostic instruments, healthcare apparatus, and educational instruments
  1. Technology and investment
    New technology on traditional Chinese medicine, projects for investment, venture capital and agents
  1. Training
    Training courses on traditional Chinese medicine in universities and institutes, publications and e-business on traditional Chinese medicine
  1. Traditional Chinese medicine service
    Hospitals with featured traditional Chinese medicine service

Build up 8:30-16:30 Oct.31st - Nov.1st , 2004
Show dates 9:00-16:30 Nov.2nd - 3rd , 2004
9:00-15:00 Nov.4th , 2004

Dismantling after 15:00 Nov.4th , 2004

Booth Package and Cost:

Shell Scheme booth: USD 1,500 / unit

Shell Scheme booth includes: three-side white laminated plywood partition board, fascia board with company's name and stand number, one table, two folding chairs, one 220V/10A electrical outlet, carpet.

Indoor Raw space: USD 150 / m2

Visitor / Buyers:

The organizer will invite professional visitors and buyers from the following:

  1. Trade Associations, invest organizations, wholesalers and retailers of traditional Medicine and natural herbs;
  2. Manufacturers and raw material suppliers;
  3. Hospitals and other medical institutes;
  4. Universities and research institutes;
  5. Venture capital and listed companies;
  6. Professional and public media.

Application and Payment:

  1. Please send the application by mail or fax to GREENHEALTH
  2. Application deadline is September 30th, 2004
  3. Payment should be made within 10 days after GREENHEALTH confirms the application.
  4. Payment shall be made payable by T/T to:
    Company name
    : International Trade Promotion Co., Ltd
    : Bank of China Shangaï Branch
    Account n°
    .: 0044036-81000073921
  1. Space location is on first come first serve basis

GREENHEALTH: 6 avenue Maréchal Joffre, Résidence Le Surcouf , 06160 Juan Les Pins
Phone: +336 62 87 78 55  
Fax: +144 35 26 05 71
Contact person: Mrs Laure Tranain
Email: Shaigaï

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